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Invisalign® for Travelers in Lodi

Have you been putting off getting Invisalign because you’re worried your busy traveling schedule won’t align with an Invisalign? You may be surprised to learn that traveling does not have to get in the way of your straighter smile goals!

Invisalign plan is designed to minimize the amount of dental visits needed and maximize results, so you can continue to live your life during treatment without interruptions.

Invisalign Treatment Time

The average Invisalign case at most dental practices takes approximately 11 months to complete. At Valley Dental Esthetics, that same treatment can be completed in as little as 6 months with greater reliability! This gives you much more flexibility with your travel schedule.

While you will see us in the beginning for a few easy short appointments, most of the treatment will take place at home on your schedule. We will always tailor your plan to fit your needs, working with your travel timeline and specific Invisalign parameters.

Flexible Scheduling & Communication

We are available to talk via phone, text, email and FaceTime to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Traveling with Invisalign Tips

Traveling with Invisalign is easy! As long as you have a plan in place, it won’t be any more difficult than keeping up with treatment at home.

Here are some of our tips for stress-free traveling with Invisalign:

  • Tell Us About Your Plans in Advance. By giving Dr. DiTolla a heads up before your travel, this will give our team the ability to best adapt to your needs.
  • Have a Plan if You Lose Your Aligners. Dr. DiTolla’s techniques makes loss of aligners much less likely. Keep your next and prior set of aligners in your carryon in case your luggage gets lost. If yours go missing, give us a call.
  • Pack an Invisalign Travel Kit. Make sure all of your supplies are in an easy-to-carry bag. Some things you may want to pack in your kit include: case for Invisalign trays, extra trays, travel toothbrush and paste, rubber bands and denture tablets.

Straighter Teeth While Traveling

Don’t postpone traveling or Invisalign treatment! Valley Dental Esthetic's plan will allow you to do both, all while saving you valuable time and money. Learn more about our All-Inclusive Invisalign Deal for $5,200.

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